We make your transparent process and
a competitive advantage

We help producers, processors, distributors, retailers and consumers to feel more secure
about the origin of their food.

carbon footprint
fair trade

Show what is behind the tag

In real time,

The product consumers will be a few clicks away from knowing the origin of your product.

... transparent

Tracestory allows you to browse around production process of your products.

... and safe

Tracestory guarantees the information integrity and inmutability, giving confidence to the actors involved in the supply chain.

Technology that guarantees the immutability of information.
Therefore consolidates the consumer trust.

The tracesotory core is based on the most innovative and effective way to manage information:

Blockchain 4th Generation.
SUPPLY chain
Data Capture


Dario Baudino


Nicolas Santa


Miguel Bosch

Business model

Jorge Suino

Process engineer

Matias Carrera

Business relationships

Richard Reynolds

Product Manager

Martin Medina

Blockchain Specialist

Julian Dondero

Fullstack developer

Do you want to start transparenting
the history of your products?

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