Farm-to-fork valuable information

Regardless of your role in the supply chain, with our collaborative traceability platform, you can leverage data to your advantage.

Product traceability

Origin´s data, just one click away

Consumers and intermediaries can easily view the production history of your batches by scanning a QR Code on the product's packaging. Identify where your product originated, who handled it along the way, and whether it meets sustainability requests.


Data-driven decision-making

Currently, supply chains are incredibly complex. With Tracestory, every production event is recorded and used to generate meaningful data, and conveniently presented on a user-friendly dashboard for easy understanding.


Origin information of any product

Tracestory seamlessly integrates with any production process, providing traceability without the need for installing additional devices or software.

Beer Traceability

Beer Production

From barley to pint, make better decisions at every stage of brewing and build trust with consumers with the help of Tracestory.

Cotton Traceability


Cotton supply chain is complex and with many stages. Add value in every one by using Tracestory.

Fruit and Vegetable Collaborative Traceability

Fruits and Vegetables

Use Tracestory to identify the batches from the orchard or farm and have control over the entire journey of the fruit or vegetable.

Honey Traceability


Use Tracestory to trace the origin, transformation process and the final destination of honey, to improve processes and build trust in this ancient product.

Meat Traceability

Meat Industry

Use the history of each troop, from genetics to the shelf, to improve processes and show the quality of the cuts.

Peanut Traceability


Most relevant markets demand more and more information. Use Tracestory to make your production processes transparent and improve.

Wine Traceability


A traditional industry like wine can also give value to its traceability data: Take advantage of Tracestory's capabilities to make better decisions and generate the transparency that this product deserves.

collaborative traceability benefits

Why Tracestory?

The rewards of transparently showcasing the origin and transformation of production are manifold, both within and beyond the supply chain.

Real Time Quality and Process Control

Certainly Understanding of every event along your production lines aids avoiding quality failures and detecting anomalies in the processes.

Product Differentiation

Additional product information builds customer trust, showing liable data about what makes them unique.

Support for Sustainability

The ability to demonstrate sustainable actions with data from specific production batches reinforces the value of good practices (GAP and GMP) and exposes those who apply greenwashing.

Supply Chain Development

Understanding a production process from its origin fosters collaboration towards a better product, improves relationships and anticipates decision-making timelines.


Accessible and Hassle-Free

Tracestory provides a comprehensive overview of the entire supply chain in a straightforward manner, regardless of product stage in the production process.

Simple and Adaptable

There is no need to modify production processes. Tracestory is 100% cloud-based, avoiding unnecessary software or device installation.

Collaborative Use

Stakeholders can be invited to contribute with data, allowing them to supplement or continue traceability as the product undergoes through different transformations.

Modular and Scalable

Disregarding process complexity and volume, data can be managed and classified efficiently, allowing future scalability.

Blockchain Integration 

Tracestory integrates with any blockchain protocol to ensure data integrity and ownership authentication of documents or various NFTs.

Data Analysis

Recording digitalization makes information from various sources available for data-driven decision-making.

Multiple Data Sources

Whether a small rural producer or a large industry, data can be easily integrated, through mass import, via API, or through IoT devices.

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Tracestory generates traceability of any production process, without extra device or software installation.